Griffith Tutoring accepts students who have the desire to attend and ability to succeed in college but lack a sufficient ACT score and cannot afford the private tutoring necessary to reach their potential.

An application process is used to identify students who fit this profile. Griffith Tutoring typically enrolls students who project to score a 14 to 20 on the ACT with our goal to get these students scoring in the 20s.

The program is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and students are encouraged to enroll in the program twice a year until they graduate.

How Griffith Tutoring Students Compare

  • Griffith Tutoring's low student to tutor ratio and focused program delivers strong results
  • During the Spring of 2015, our average student increased their ACT score by 1.8 points with 60% of students increasing by 2 or more points.
  • The typical increase for a CPS student without the benefit of Griffith Tutoring’s program is less than 1 point.