Griffith Tutoring offers a free six-week ACT preparation program twice a year for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. By partnering with area businesses for volunteer tutors, the organization is able to maintain a 2:1 student-tutor ratio, which not only gives the students individualized instruction but also provides them with outstanding exposure to professionals and mentors.

The tutoring sessions occur once a week during a six-week period and last 75 minutes. The Griffith Curriculum is implemented throughout the program by the volunteer tutors, who are trained on Griffith Tutoring’s methods and strategies.

The Griffith Curriculum sets forth a method for the students to prepare for the ACT and teaches the students subject matter specific techniques to attack the test and improve their score.

Previously administered ACT questions are incorporated into the curriculum to familiarize the student with the exam and style of questions. The tutors work with students to break down each question by discussing not only the correct answer but also the rationale and commonly tested concept behind each question. This personalized attention and feedback enables students to hone their skills and build confidence.