Join us at Crossing on Saturday, August 22nd from noon-4pm to celebrate Griffith Tutoring's 12th Annual Southern Boy BBQ!

The Southern Boy BBQ is an annual event for which Griffith Tutoring ships in BBQ from Memphis, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Kansas City.  The event is billed as a way to taste and enjoy different styles of BBQ from the best places in the country.  You may recognize many of the joints that we bring in, and you may have even tried a few, but we doubt you have ever had a chance to try them all in an afternoon - unless you have attended this event before!  


This year's barbecue we will be the biggest yet as we will be combining it our annual Spring Benefit and holding a silent auction! We hope you can join us at this incredible event in support impactful organization of free ACT prep for Chicago's low-income students!