Our Mission

Chicago’s public school system fails to adequately prepare its students for the ACT college entrance exam, creating a significant barrier to a college education for many low-income students.

Griffith Tutoring is a non-profit organization whose mission is to combat this reality by partnering with corporations and community- minded organizations to offer free ACT preparation coursework to at-risk Chicago high school students.

Leveling the Playing Field for At-Risk Students


Free six week ACT prep program for at-risk students offered bi-annually, enrolling students with composite scores of 15-18 and without the resources for private tutoring; Maintain 2:1 student-to-tutor ratio to maximize impact.

Tailored Curriculum

Tailored strategies for each subject matter’s most commonly tested concepts. Established partnership with ACT to utilize previously administered exams to familiarize students with question styles.

Highly-Qualified Tutors

Partner with Chicago’s leading businesses for volunteer tutors – match corporations with schools. Tutors hold college degrees, many with professional degrees, and are given comprehensive training.

Efficient Cost Model

Volunteer-based system with long-term cost ratio of less than $300 per student. Highly scalable as we provide a free, turnkey platform to make a direct impact in neighborhoods throughout Chicago.