ACT Prep for Today:
Opportunity for Tomorrow

Griffith Tutoring is a non-profit organization preparing at-risk Chicago high school students for the ACT college entrance exam by partnering with businesses and training their professionals to tutor and mentor the students.

Many high school students will not gain admission to college because they do not have a sufficient ACT score and cannot afford the private tutoring necessary to improve. Griffith Tutoring was established to address this issue, offering a free ACT tutoring program to students who have the desire and ability to attend college.

  • The students found the group of tutors to be exceptionally helpful and excited for each meeting. This program is much more than an ACT program. Students see “outsiders” take an interest in their future and education. There is truly a relationship formed between the mentor and mentee.

    Andrew Young | Dean of Students, Golder College Prep
  • Griffith works with students who genuinely want to learn and improve themselves, [and] the tutoring sessions are very positive experiences for the volunteers.

    Scott C. | Volunteer, Morningstar
  • James Williams

    Before Griffith Tutoring I was going places, but I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for Griffith and their tutoring. Michigan or any other high ranking institute wouldn't let me in with my first ACT score; after Griffith I was able to get in! 

    James Williams | Student
  • Evelyn V. enrolled in the Griffith program as a gifted CPS senior, whose hard work and intelligence led her to excel in school. The only thing standing between Evelyn and an Ivy League education was a lagging Science score on her ACT and the means to improve it. Thanks to the hard work of one of Griffith’s volunteer tutors, Evelyn improved her score by 5 points and went on to attended Yale on a full scholarship. 


    Evelyn V. | Student, Noble Street College Prep